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Oh my goodness, it has been a very busy few weeks! I’m not even sure how to sum up my April so far because so much has been going on in my personal life. Because of privacy reasons, I want to keep the details off the blog but just know that I dread when my phone rings now because this girl cannot take any more bad news! With all of this going on, Jake had a vacation scheduled for 7 days that was booked and paid for more than a year ago so he was out of town. Work was busy, lots of meetings and a lot going on in my personal life so most nights I was eating chips for dinner and going to bed early. Over the weekend, I made an effort to spend as much time as I could outdoors to enjoy the summer-like weather we were having. On Saturday, I grabbed coffee with a coworker and we walked around the city where I’m looking at apartments on Zillow right now. I’m really excited to be moving closer to the downtown area to take advantage of the restaurants and parks but I will miss my little apartment in Fairmount! On Sunday, I had plans to go to the Manayunk Street Food festival but the weather sucked and my friend overslept so we ended up not going. Luckily I was still home when my friend invited me to go on a coffee run and catch up on life. With a lot of Starbs in my body, I was ready to deep clean my apartment and get myself ready for the upcoming week. As much as I hate waking up early on weekends, I love how productive I can be!

This past week, I have been getting back to my usual schedule but still taking it slow. After busy days at work, I need to remind myself that I can take it easy and don’t have to do a million things. I’m looking forward to this weekend because Jake’s mom is visiting for the weekend so I love any excuse to be a tourist in my own city! Also, does anyone have any advice on how to meet your significant others mom for the first time? Is a fruit basket too extra?! LMK!

What I’m Watching

I’ve been watching a few shows the last few weeks on top of my usual weekly tv shows. On Thursdays, I usually catch up on This Is Us, Grey’s, Very Cavallari and others. At night while eating dinner or doing stuff around the apartment, I have been watching Blindspot and The Blacklist from the beginning. Of course, Game of Thrones is back on to mess up our sleep schedules the next few weeks so that is something to look forward to on Sundays now.

What I’m Wearing

I recently bought new pants for Spring because my office is sooo cold with the AC blasting and I can only wear tights with dresses for a few more weeks. I have been meaning to take more outfit photos lately but life is getting in the way. Oops.

Highly recommend these pink gingham pants, I sized up so they fit me better.

These black gingham pants were a last minute impulse buy while in the store and I am so happy I bought them. They are on clearance right now so scoop them up while you can!

I love the color lavender right now so I needed to have these pants with an adorable bow.

What I’m Loving

While watching Insta Stories this week, I stumbled upon Kim Kardashian giving a tour of her house. What was really fascinating was the explanation of her bathroom sinks work because there is no bowl part to the sink, just a faucet. I think I watched the Insta Story a dozen times because somehow the sink is designed to have all of the water drain in a tiny hole that just doesn’t seem practical. Check out the article on it here.

Baby watch!! Meghan and Harry decided that they will keep the birth of their child out of the news. Some predictions are saying that she may give birth this weekend so all of the Royal Fan Instagrams are on baby watch! This is one of my favorites for all things royal.

These shorts sell out before summer every year so buy them now while they are on sale!

The Gal Meets Glam collection is part of Nordstrom’s spring sale so be sure to pick up one of the dresses included in the sale while you can.


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