Celebrating Spring with Fab Fit Fun

FabFitFun is one of those companies that have amazing marketing because these boxes are everywhere on social media! Usually, I just ignore the constant ads but when I saw the products that were actually in the boxes, I was a little more than interested. This is my fourth Fab Fit Fun box and each time I still get excited when I get one in the mail. There is a good mix of home items, beauty, fitness, and clothing in each box so there is something for everyone. One item in the box alone costs the same price as a fab fit fun box so it makes sense financially.

I love to shop so by subscribing to the fab fit fun boxes it gives me a few new items to enjoy that I would normally purchase anyway for the season. Are the boxes worth it? In my opinion, yes and here’s why.

  • If you want to get the current season’s fab fit fun box, subscribe right now and you will receive it at a discounted price with a promotional code. If you no longer want the boxes, you can easily unsubscribe without going through a million prompts to cancel.
  • I for one hate spending money on subscription boxes that are a surprise. Most of them have “free samples” that are tiny and can only be used once. Each season, you can the ability to pick what is in your box and everything is full size – no sample sizes are in the boxes!
  • The products are from brands that you are already familiar with. From high-end hair products to designer sunglasses, you know you can you are getting a good deal on the products included in the box.
  • Get $10 off with my link.

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