Gifting a Scent with Lancome

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

La Vie Est Belle is for the woman who lives in the present, who is filled with honesty, truth and gratitude and who is free of social constraint, to emblazon her own unique path. La Vie Est Belle represents a choice—the choice to create your own path to happiness. It is the fragrance of joyful femininity that makes life more beautiful. Made with the most precious natural ingredients, La Vie Est Belle entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of praline. Floral notes of sambac, jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom are added in the form of sublime absolutes. Free, happy and addictive.

It has become a tradition that every year I give my mom a new perfume for Christmas. I love smelling all of them and picking out a scent for my mom to use during the year. This time of year, all of the stores put together amazing perfume gift boxes too so it becomes an easy gift to buy and wrap! I decided it was about time to add a new perfume to my very nonexistent collection. While trying to figure out what perfume to invest in, I knew I wanted something sweet, floral and subtle – something that I could wear all year long. 

When I first started to wear makeup, I would always steal my moms Lancome makeup and fell in love with their mascaras for the last few years. Once a year around Black Friday, I will buy a mascara and get their gift with purchase that comes with it supplying me with a year’s worth of makeup for under $100. When I started to shop for a new perfume, I started to look at the Lancome counter first because I already loved the brand so much.

  I immediately fell in love with the feminine and floral scent of La Vie Est Belle. Maybe because of its name, but it smelled French and makes me happy every time I wear it. Most importantly, the scent is long lasting so I can put it on in the morning and the scent stays on all day. I spray all of my scarves with it because I am that obsessed with the smell of the perfume. 

I love wearing it, but I love how it looks on my dresser even more! The subtle touch of pink and the shape of the bottle is one of the reasons I needed to buy it! This is the perfect gift for that someone special in your life!  


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