My Top Favorite Shows for Fall TV

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like it because the whole plane crash thing sounds like a Lost wannabe. However, after watching just one episode I think they can pull this story plot off! If you liked Lost I think you will like this show!

Million Little Things
Get the tissues ready! I knew this sad was going to be sad because of the commercials leading up to the premiere but I was sobbing during the whole show. It’s a show that does a really good job at discussing mental health and how we all struggle differently. There are already some plot twists here and there and I am excited to see where they take this show.

Greys Anatomy
It’s backkkkk!!!! I have been watching this show since middle school and while it has received some criticism lately because the original cast is dwindling (aka being killed off) and it is going in a new direction, I still like to watch every week.

This Is Us
This is a show I waited to watch on a Saturday morning alone in bed because I knew I would need some time emotionally after watching! Once again, This Is Us finds a way to make me cry from beginning to end. Get tissues ready!

The Resident
This show is on its second season and I am so happy to see this show renewed! Yes, it is another medical drama show however it is so goood! I love seeing Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp back on tv and they add the humor that the show needs.

The Good Place
This is a show that I have not watched religiously the last two years but always found it to be hilarious. Right now I am rewatching season 1 to be able to catch up to the current season. It is the perfect show that is light and easy to watch while multitasking or in bed at night.



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