How I Found Ways To Get Excited About the Week

For so many weeks, Friday night would come along and I felt like I did nothing that previous week. Then I would blink and the weekend would be completely over! One of the reasons I moved to a city was to be able to go out after work, try new restaurants and have fun. I knew there had to be more to my weeks than work and binging Netflix at night. One day I was looking at my planner at work and noticed it was very empty when it came to social plans. It was a Monday so I had my entire week to look forward to and I put pen to paper and started to make plans. By creating little weekly traditions, I don’t have to think about making plans and the never-ending “I don’t know, what do you want to do” discussion is over.


Since I never get what I needed to get done over the weekend, I leave this day free for errands, cleaning up the apartment and just getting my life together for the upcoming week.


My boyfriend Jake and I went from co-workers to friends outside of work and then months later we decided to try this whole dating thing. It wasn’t until a month after officially dating did we have a real date. I know it’s weird, but we used to hang out after work all the time and spend our weekends together, so not much changed once we put a title on our relationship. We decided to make Wednesdays our date night and it encourages us to go out to dinner somewhere new or do something fun after work. My work schedule is the evening shift so we don’t have much we can do after work because this girl needs to be in bed around 11pm! Both of us get excited about date night and take turns planning something fun for the other each week.


You can find me on the couch in pajamas catching up on my tv shows on Thursdays after work. My goal is to be as lazy as possible on Thursdays and get some blog stuff done. With fall tv back on, I will be glued to the tv the minute I get home from work! I try to shower as soon as I get home from work so I can let my hair air dry before straightening it before bed. I also exfoliate, try a face mask, use self-tanner and fit in a manicure. These are always my self-care days while being lazy and watching tv all night. I do need to get better at spending time on the blog on these nights while I wait for my nails to dry. It used to be my Thursday night plans prior to my retail days.


Fridays are my favorite because Jake and I order pizza and watch movies on the couch until I fall asleep ha! I’m usually exhausted and don’t have the energy to go out on Friday nights, so I like when we get into comfy clothes after work and order in food. There is usually a high five somewhere in there congratulating the other on surviving another work week.


My weekends have been booked solid with social plans, adulting, errands and trying to keep my apartment clean! I am a firm believer that there are just not enough days in the week. I have found that ordering my groceries and essentials on to be so convenient! By ordering everything online and then having it delivered, it saves me from having to run to the store on Saturday. On Saturday mornings no matter what I have planned, I spend some time tidying up my apartment and cleaning my kitchen.


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