Before You Take Your Fall Clothes Out of Storage

The season has officially changed and the weather has started to get cooler. After weeks of putting it off, I finally locked myself in my bedroom and started the long process of switching over my closets. Netflix was streaming, a scented candle was lit and I had comfy pajamas on as I rolled my sleeves us and started the closet switch over! Now I understand that not everyone has a lot of clothes like I do. Okay, and I will admit that I may have a shopping problem, but if I can fit my entire fall and winter wardrobe in my closet I have faith you can get yours organized too! My OCD comes out a bit when it comes to my closet because I am very particular how everything is set up. I use the same system every season and it works every time! Okay, a glass of wine has been poured so let’s begin!

Go through your closet and throw everything that is for summer and needs to be put away in storage on your bed

Get rid of clothes that you didn’t wear or don’t love anymore

See what needs to be washed before putting it away

Find the storage solution that works for you

Put all of your fall/winter wardrobes on your bed and then plan how you want your closet organized

Take advantage of hanging shelves and other creative storage

Keep your work and casual clothes separated if you can


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