How To Get My Outfit Details

One of the reasons I started this little blog was because I wanted a place to share my daily outfits and how I style clothes. I was working a boring desk job and no one noticed that I would never wear the exact outfit twice, so I just started posting pictures to my blog as a way to document and share. A year later, I quit my desk job and got a job in retail and loved every minute of it. I got to make outfits, be a stylist and see what the new styles were first when they came in. I had so much fun with the chance to dress up for work every day and try new things out.

Years later, my love for fashion has only grown and I still love dressing up for work each day. This blog also continues to be a great way to share my outfits, what sales I am shopping and what clothes are in my closet. On my blog, I have a tab labeled shop my Instagram that I try to keep up to date so you can easily see what I am wearing in my Instagram posts. My shop tab includes the beauty and hair products I use daily and what exact pieces I have in my closet. People often compliment me on my outfits and this way it is so much easier to have one place to share all the outfit details!

Additionally, I have found a way to make a little (very little) profit with affiliate links whenever I share outfit details on the blog. These links that you click help generate a small commission that goes towards supporting the Blonde Rosie Blog. If you click, I get a small commission and if you make a purchase using one of my links I get a slightly larger commission so I appreciate all of the clickings!


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