What I’m Reading: Make Trouble by Cecile Richards

I was at Costco a few weeks ago and I always have to browse the books every time I visit. I have dozens of books sitting on my bookcase waiting to be read, but I can’t help myself buy new books each time I go. I had heard that Cecile Richards had written a book recently, but didn’t hear much else about it. For a woman who has done so much about women’s rights and someone I admire, I realized that I actually know very little about her. I didn’t need another book – and when would I have time to read during this moving process? However, I had to buy it because for a woman who has gone through so much public scrutiny and had to testify for Planned Parenthood, which resulted in an hours-long battle of trying to defend why women should have access to health care. I wanted her book sales to go up, sounds silly I know, but it’s not like I could call her and say thank you for standing up for my rights. A book purchase was the least I could do. I don’t often write in books, but after the first few pages, I found myself underlining key sentences that I knew I would want to go back to. I am only a few chapters in, I treat myself on my lunch break at work and read a few pages when I can – but I cannot help myself nodding in agreement, getting inspired and just wanting to passionately say YES! on each page I read. If you don’t know her name, learn who she is. Want to change the world, but don’t know where to begin, then read Cecile’s story and learn how anyone can create change. This woman has fought for you for decades, shouldn’t you at least know the woman behind your rights?


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