“Now Botox on the other hand, that works every time” My Experience With Botox

Okay, now before you roll your eyes, let me talk to you about the benefits of botox first. Being a beach kid my entire life, I have spent many summers in the sun and it wasn’t until after college did I start to commit to skincare. I have had fine lines on my forehead since college that are not that noticeable to others, but for me, I see them every day. My biggest concern is these fine lines getting deeper because I am only 25 years old and have many more years of aging ahead of me.

I now wear some sort of sunscreen on my face every single day to protect my skin from the sun. One of the drawers in my vanity has over a dozen creams claiming to help prevent wrinkles, but every day I keep staring at those fine lines on my forehead. Yes, they were very tiny and I am sure I am the only one who could see them! However, whenever I would put on my foundation on my face, I could see the lines and would have to blend foundation on my forehead to fill the lines in.

A few years ago, I saw my mom’s dermatologist for acne and Botox came up. I thought it was a bit dramatic and chose not to, however, my mom did some research for me. Turns out that if you get Botox in your early twenties in your forehead, you can teach your face to stop frowning. You can also minimize wrinkles from appearing or getting deeper long term. After another dermatologist appointment recently, my mom brought up Botox again. We had the Doctor examine my forehead and my mom said she would pay for it after getting a quote.


After my first experience with Botox, I can happily say that I am hooked! I got a very very small dosage of botox in my forehead to fill three lines on my forehead. I think Botox has received a bad reputation because of reality television and overdone faces on sixty-year-olds. The entire procedure took less than twenty minutes and I was able to go to work after. I could not stop staring at my forehead in the mirror because it was soo smooth! I have been telling everyone I know that they need it!

It has been two weeks since I got the Botox and I can say that I immediately saw a difference. Not only are the fine lines on my forehead filled in, but I also don’t frown or raise my eyebrows like I once did. The Botox allows me to train my face not to frown or squint preventing wrinkles down the line. When I want to raise my eyebrows or squint, my face feels tight and I can stop making that face. When I went to the dermatologist to get the procedure done, I instructed her to only use a conservative amount to teach my face not to squint. I don’t want to look like my face is frozen and cannot move it!! It is something I would definitely do again in the future and I plan to keep up with it every year or two to prevent wrinkles in the future.  Botox is a decision that I made for myself and I am happy I did it. I never shy away from being honest on the blog and I know I have been getting a lot of questions from friends after learning that I got it. It is not something that I needed to have…. but I have no regrets doing it in the efforts to take care of my skin now to help keep it healthy and wrinkle-free later in life.


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