skincare series: St. Ive’s Face Scrub

Today on the blog I am sharing a skincare staple I have been using since high school. This year, I want to get better at washing my face and taking care of it better. Growing up I had to focus on treating acne, however now in my late twenties, I am looking more into products that fight off aging and moisturizing. For those days that I don’t have time to do a 15-minute face mask, I will use my St.Ive’s products. I have one on my bathroom sink and one in the shower because I can use them daily more than once and while it works, it doesn’t dry out my skin.

For those nights that I come home from work late and don’t feel like washing my face, I can just use a bit of my face scrub and it easily takes off all of my makeup leaving my skin fresh and clean. I hate washing my face at night, but after I wash my face with this face scrub I am so happy I forced myself to have a little unwinding time before bed.

I encourage all of you this month to spend at least 5 minutes washing your face at night even though all you want to do is climb into bed! Wash your face with St. Ive’s because it gives a deep clean leaving your skin refreshed and moisturized! Let me know how you clean your face at night in the comments below!


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