Beauty Look: A Touch of Pink with Maybelline

Whenever I plan a girls night out with the gals, I always get a text from them asking if I can come early and bring my makeup so I can do their makeup before we go out. I am no beauty blogger or beauty professional, but I have always felt more confident while wearing makeup. After 10 years of wearing makeup daily, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. My coworkers’ joke that I always come into work with a full face of makeup when there is no one to impress, but I don’t wear makeup for others, I wear it for myself. With that being said, I have a collection of high-end makeup for those special occasions and grabbing drinks with the girls, but I also have a collection of drugstore makeup for my everyday look.

When I do my friends makeup, they are always blown away that I can do a dramatic eye or get full face coverage with drugstore makeup. My go-to for drugstore makeup has been Maybelline Fit Me foundation with the Maybelline Under Eye concealer. On a Saturday night, all of us are exhausted from the work week, but we force each other out. With the right blending of concealer and foundation, you can make your face look well rested.

I was excited when Influenster and Maybelline sent me a package of complementary products to try. What I struggle with most is being overwhelmed with all of my makeup when getting ready. That is why I am loving the Maybelline City Kit because it is a palette that has eyeshadows and blushes all in one compact. I usually have less than 10 minutes to get ready for the day, which is why I love Maybelline products.img_0326img_0327

I will spend a lot of money on an eyeliner that goes on easily and without fuss. The Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner because it glides on easily and I can do a thick or thin line. It was a nice surprise when I also received Lasting Drama Eyeliner in a gold color because I can use it as eyeliner, or build on top of my eyeliner and make it a shimmering, gold eyeshadow.

Finally, the holy grail product, the Master Fixer makeup remover pen. This is a new product for me, but I know it will come in handy when I am rushing and smear mascara on my nose or my eyeliner smudges.  Having good makeup that lasts all day does not have to be expensive.


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