everyday essentials

everyday essentials blonde rosie



a good lipstick — I don’t leave my house without some kind of lipstick. Most purses have half a dozen in them because no matter how I look, how little sleep I got or my mood; a little bit of lipstick goes a long way. My go to favorite has always been bobbi brown

simple jewelry — I have dozens of necklaces from J. Crew, but my favorite has to be my kate spade initial necklace because it is simple, but is a nice addition to any outfit.

stylish sneakers — As a self proclaimed fashion blogger, I refuse to wear sneakers outside of the gym or for anything besides physical activity. However, these sperry sneakers are really cute and don’t look like bulky sneakers.

grab and go bag — A girls favorite bag is one that can hold everything she owns and for it to still look stylish. This tote from Madewell is worth the investment! I use it when I travel or for work.

stay connected — It is amazing how a little piece of technology can change your life! I am in love with my fitbit. It seems like a silly purchase, but now I am pushed to get those steps in and I am able to have it connected to my phone so I get my texts on it.

jot this down — One thing I always have in my purse is a notebook from HomeGoods. It is helpful to have to jot things down and I have my to do lists on there.

blazer — I have been obsessed with the look of a blazer with jeans lately. This  brown j. crew schoolboy blazer is the perfect alternative to a fall coat.

when you have a free minute — Fun fact, I actually do my nails at my desk or at break. Throw essie gel nail polish in your polish so when you have a free minute you can do a polish change.

stay in the know — If you have a commute to work or you are tired of the radio, I highly suggest you start listening to podcasts. My favorites right now are NYtimes daily and pod save America.

skip the makeup routine — If you don’t have time to do a full face of makeup or you woke up looking not so great, you can throw on some stylish sunglasses. My favorite right now are from Tory Burch.

good jeans — For years, jeans were just jeans. I didn’t get the hype of investing in expensive jeans. My jeans in college were from Forever 21 or American Eagle. Then I purchased a pair from Madewell and J. Crew and these really are the best jeans on Earth!


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