Coming Up This Month

Oh. Hello. It is September and I am still having a difficult time accepting that summer is over. Last week I packed up my summer wardrobe, and did a blog post about how I store my summer wardrobe making it easy to unpack for next summer. You can read alll about it here. Now that I have some free space in my bedroom and closet, I am getting inspired to start unpacking my fall wardrobe and decor.

img_2493As much as I love summer and laying on a beach or wearing a dress everyday, something about fall gets me excited. Sweaters, pumpkins, scented candles, decorating the house with pillows and throw blankets. This upcoming week, it is going to look like fall threw up in my home. I am bringing out my fall bedding, fall candles, sweaters and tons of pillows! This helps me get over that summer is over, but I can start to enjoy my favorite parts about fall. I found this pillow in the dollar bin at Target last year, so I am excited to see what goodies I will find this time.

blonde rosie coffee outdoor picture.JPGLately all I do is work work work and work. Then during my free time, I fill it up with a million things I should be doing. My goal this month is to sit. And just sit with a cup of coffee or read a magazine on my front porch and not have to worry about my to do list. These are the last few months that we can sit outside and not freeze, so I want to enjoy as many of them as I can. I need to take some time to appreciate the little things around me again. Right now I am reading the Big Little Lies book and it is SO MUCH better than the tv show. I loved the show, but you get so much more story (and sass) from the characters in the book.

img_3785It feel like we blink and all of a sudden we are wearing pants and throwing on sweaters because the weather has changed. I put together some of my favorite fall must have clothes that your wardrobe needs. But each season I get excited when I get to pull out my boxes of fall clothes because I forgot about all of the amazing clothes I have. Save your money and go through your clothes from last season. Then you can see what you already own, what you need to purchase this season, and see how you can rework outfits.

img_7300This month I want to spend a little more time catching up with friends.With my crazy work schedule, I have to plan get togethers with friends weeks in advance, but I want to get better at it. This month, I have a college alumni event and other plans with friends that I am really excited about.



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