drugstore makeup favorites

It is impossible to walk through a CVS or Target and not pick up a new makeup product. I love to splurge on high-end makeup, but I also like to save money where I can. I do splurge on my mascara but found that the drugstore makeup works just as well as the higher end stuff. However, there are aisles and aisles of products. What to choose! My vanity drawer is overflowing with products. I have tried many and here are my favorites!

drugstore makeup favorites
  •  Elf Blush For $3, definitely stock up on these Elf blushes. I have my higher end blushes I use for special occasions, but for every day, I use my Elf blush.
  • Foundation Since I wear foundation every single day, I cannot justify spending a lot of money on high-end foundation. I have used FIT me by Maybelline for the last 2 years, but started to use Dream Mousse this month and love the sheer look of it. Loreal Infallible recently came out and I also like this one too!
  • Blend Artist Foundation Blender Save your money and buy this beauty blender!  I usually get mine at TJ Maxx, but somehow this one ended up in my cart one day. Worth every penny! It blends so well and this is the longest I have had one without ripping or falling apart.
  • FIT me Poreless Powder After I put on my foundation, I dust a bit of this over my face to suck up oils and make my face more even textured. Keeps your skin shine-free no matter what temperature it is outside.
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Not only does this bronzer smell amazing, but one little brush on my cheeks give me a little glow that looks natural.
  • Great Lash Mascara Lots of Lashes Okay, so if you are going to buy a drugstore mascara, this is the one I recommend! It is a great mascara to build with and gives you so many lashes. I love a full lash look, so this is a mascara I use first before I start to build with my higher end mascaras.
  • Maybelline Eye Eraser Corrector You need this corrector in your life. I use it under my eyes and as a cover up for my acne marks. This corrector blends very nicely and covers up every zit on my forehead without looking like I have layers of makeup on.
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit For only $3, you can save your money on the more expensive eyebrow kits or just have the $3 version that works just as well!

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