Celebrating National Sunglasses Day + Sharing How To Get Designer Frames At Low Prices

In honor of National Sunglasses Day, I put together my favorite a blog post about my favorite sunglasses. When your mom is an eye doctor and your dad is an optician…. you own a lot of sunglasses! It’s embarrassing, but I own dozens of sunglasses! I am lucky enough to own a lot of higher end designer sunglasses because my parents see buying sunglasses as protecting my eye health, therefore worth the purchase! 😉 Scroll down to the bottom of my post to find out how I am able to get designer sunglasses for a ridiculously low price!

I have the links to my favorite sunglasses as well as what I wore them with. The best part about designer sunglasses is that they dress up any outfit you have on! I cannot leave my house without sunglasses so now I have a pair in my purse, car and in my beach bag!


My favorite sunglasses for summer!


Can’t go wrong with these designer tortoise sunglasses!


Classic Ray Bans! Mine are very vintage, but they never go out of style making them worth the investment.

IMG_0661IMG_0674IMG_0676Sunglasses to splurge on! And I also bought these too!


And finally my secret to getting inexpensive designer frames is…. to buy them at Costco! Yupp! The same store you buy your paper towels and cereal in bulk is where you can buy designer sunglasses for very low prices. All of my glasses (including my recent Tory Burch frames) are from Costco! So the next time you want to buy some sunglasses, head on over to Costco and see what they have. Their inventory is always changing too so I browse at least once a month to see what is new!


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