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My college was a bit obsessed with recycling and protecting our planet that after four years, I too became a bit obsessed with preventing waste and recycling. At my first job after college, I enforced recycling efforts and put recycling bins in everyone’s offices. If I saw someone throw out a water bottle, I would ask if they were going to recycle it to nudge them a bit.  I am sure I was really annoying, but after a few weeks the office cleaning staff had a lot more recycling to cart away than they ever did before.

Now post college I don’t have signs up everywhere reminding me to recycle or the appropriate bins to throw out my aluminum cans or water bottles. While it may take me an extra few steps to recycle something or to bring it home with me to recycle later, I still am committed to protecting our planet.

One of my biggest life changes is no longer using plastic bags to pack up my lunches or dinners if I am working late. I bought Sistema plastic containers to pack up my lunches and most of the time I just bring my entire bag of goldfish with me instead of putting it into an extra plastic bag.

I also bought a few small bags that I can bring my lunch into work everyday, no cartoons are included! I walk into work with my purse and lunch bag everyday, and sure I look like a bag lady, but I know I am doing the right thing for my planet.

Head on over to Target and buy yourself some tupperware and a cute lunch box. Homegoods always has cute ones too and it is a great way to help the environment!

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