Friday Favorites

Hello, friends! I took a break from the blog last week and there is a lot to catch up on! I always have a lot going on in my life between the jobs, family, my little blog and trying to complete my to do list everyday. However, no matter how crazy life gets, I try to find the little things in life that bring me joy. Whether that is lighting a candle in my room at night or getting into bed after a long day with a fuzzy blanket from Pottery Barn, I can always find a little thing that will bring me joy. I had a lot going on in my personal life the last few weeks and I actively spent time doing little things that would bring me joy. So on the blog today I am sharing some of the things that brought me joy this week in my Friday Favorites.

Now I cannot believe that another week is over and May is finally here. I remember it snowing in February wondering when it was going to get warm out. All week I have been wearing flats and my Tory Burch sandals whenever I can.

A few weeks ago I made a rule of no shopping…and that lasted for a day. But good news for you because I have plenty of new purchases to share for you. Lately, I have been sharing my trips to stores on InstaStory so keep an eye out for what I find at Target and Homegoods.


Victoria Beckham for Target
img_5861I have been obsessed with this collection since I first heard about it. Only problem is that I don’t fit in it or the stores are already sold out of the collection pieces I would buy. I went to Target to pick up a few things and finally found a dress I have been looking for since the collection was released. It is super cute and very flattering on. Now I just need a friend to get married so I have an excuse to wear it!

Madewell Denim
img_5855I have been looking for the right denim to invest in because the last time I bought jeans was in college. But the good denim can be so pricey so I wanted to make sure they fit me and would last for years. Working retail does have it perks because I was able to score Madewell denim on major sale. I was always skeptical of Madewell denim because, yes it is pricey but oh my goodness the quality is amazing! I love ripped denim, but I don’t want to look like a slob and Madewell made ripped denim that is comfortable and looks chic at the same time. BTW I will rave about this denim until I they fall apart because they are that good!

Crop Tops

img_5873Over the weekend it was warm outside so I could leave the house without a jacket and it was amazing! However, I did feel like I was forgetting something because I wasn’t wearing a coat and I haven’t been able to do that in months. On Sunday, I went out for some day drinking and dinner but when I was getting dressed I looked like I was going to work. I threw on my Madewell denim because they are a high waisted denim and threw on a croptop from Anthropologie that is old. Being in my mid-twenties, I feel a bit too old to bare my stomach in a crop top, but with the right denim you can still pull it off.

Sam Edelman Bow Slide Sandal Dupes from Target

If you have been watching my Insta Stories this week you know all about how obsessed I am with these shoes. I still have them in the box because I don’t want to ruin them! But as long as this warm weather stays a while, they will be on repeat all summer. My personality is very girly, so if there is a shoe that I can wear to work and run errands in that have bows, SOLD!


Products I Love Right Now

For work I wear a lot of makeup so I am always interested in trying new things. I also work weird hours so I am always sleep deprived and my skin shows it. Here are some of my favorites this week!

Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo  Night Peel

img_5751Influenster and Lancome sent me a package of this nightly skincare system and at first I was a bit skeptical. I believe in botox and foundation to make my skin look perfect, not higher end products. Even though I am skeptical about high end skincare products, I do moisturize and use spf on my face everyday. My usual go to has been Olay, but I decided to just use the Lancome Visionnairre Crescendo Night Peel at night to see what it does to my skin. I have a full blog post coming soon about this product so keep an eye out for a full review. I will say that I usually have to exfoliate my skin 2-3 times a week because it gets rough and my pores get clogged from makeup. I haven’t had to exfoliate once in the last 3 weeks and my skin is sooo soft! PS- I just checked and this product is selling out fast at Sephora so order yours asap!


Pink Carpet

img_5891I know my days are numbered living with my parents, so I have been in the process of getting rid of clutter, personal belongings and trying to get my entire life to fit in a little U Hual truck.  I have donated two pieces of furniture so far and I only plan on taking my bed with me at this time. I have been really good at getting rid of things, but I was doing some shopping at my consignment stores and found a rug I needed to have! It was only $15 and my parents almost killed me when I asked them to help me bring it up to my room and help set it up because it is h u g e! It is the perfect pink blush color that is totally trending right now and with the right pieces I can make it look grown up. It’s also amazing how a pop of color can change a bedroom!


img_5791I am working on a full blog post about this duvet, but I wanted to share it first on my Friday Favorites. I bought it back in January when I was at Ikea and have been waiting impatiently to put it on my bed. I was in love with my winter duvet from Martha Stewart, but this Ikea grey gingham is perfect for spring and summer! And doesn’t the new pink carpeting look fantastic with the new bedding?? 😉

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Earlier this week I revealed my bathroom makeover reveal and I am obsessed with how it came out. It is amazing what a new sink, new lighting and a new coat of paint can do! To tie my bathroom in with my bedroom, I have pink accents that make it girly but still a grown up bathroom. You can read all about it and see pictures of it hereIMG_5843


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