taking a break from the blog

On Sunday nights I have this ritual where I write some posts for the blog for the week and have them scheduled throughout the week. I like having content or pictures ready for the week ahead so I constantly have new material coming to the blog. My blog is my happy place and I love to add content to it. It is my little corner of the internet. I don’t really care about how many views I get on a blog post or how many people visit my site. I recently have had a lot of amazing opportunities and received some cool blogger mail for my online presence, but I would still have this blog regardless. It is a place that brings me joy, and nothing can take that away.

This Sunday however, I got home from work and crawled into bed without eating dinner. I filled my bed with snacks, guys- there were so many donut holes consumed! – and put on the Henrietta Lacks movie that recently came out. I ended a long workweek with a difficult 9-hour shift at work on Sunday as well as a lot of personal stuff going on in my life at the same time. I didn’t have any energy to work on the blog. I have photos waiting to be uploaded for a post and a post written waiting for photos. But I just didn’t have the energy to write about how wonderful my life is. I felt like it all hit me at once. I had to crawl into bed and just submit to feeling bad for myself. For so many years I would say “I’m fine” over and over again. When really I knew I wasn’t and needed a break. While I was stuffing my face with donuts not caring about the crumbs going everywhere, I reached out to some of my closest friends. We all have bad days and sometimes it is amazing to be able to just text a friend that you are having a horrible day and not have to go into that much detail. I hate it when people feel sorry for me or try to solve what is troubling me. When I reached out to some of my friends, they just had to respond that they were there for me and it brought me so much joy. Unfortunately, my closest friends live hours away in different states, but when they say they have a place for me to crash, I know that I could show up on their doorsteps and I would be welcomed with open arms.

I have a few blog posts that are ready to be shared on the blog for this week that are sitting in my drafts. However, I don’t want to be that person is always sharing photos of me smiling and looking perfect all the time. To be honest, I have a giant zit on my cheek that can’t even be covered with layers of makeup. I have bad days once in a while, too! When I first started Blonde Rosie it wasn’t all just outfit pictures and fluff. I tried to write some life advice from my own experiences that my friends and new online friends could learn from. I decided to take a break from the blog this week so there was no Friday Favorites and there will be no new content on the blog this week.

This isn’t groundbreaking news and the Earth will not stop with the absence of new content on Blonde Rosie. I hope to disconnect from social media and try to find some creativity and happiness from the world around me this week. Right now whenever I am on Instagram or Facebook, I just see shoes I cannot afford right now and someone else got engaged. For now I am dealing with real adult issues like figuring out my finances, trying to decide where my career is headed and trying to finally make big step of moving out of my parents house. I want to spend some time at night with a face mask and a good book.

I would love to engage with my readers more and chat about life. I hope that I am not the only millennial trying to figure out life and making a few wrong turns while I am at it. Feel free to message me about what you like to see on the blog and what you want to see more of. Until then, I am going to do some yoga, spend a night in bed with a face mask and a good book while putting my phone down.

Chat soon, Ro


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