a perfect day off

During my college days I didn’t really get a weekend because my days off of class were spent grocery shopping, in the library writing a paper or catching up on some reading. On Saturdays, my roommate and I would do errands and on Sunday we would wake up early (10am) and grab some Dunkin on our way to the library to get school work done for the entire day. I recently spent the weekend with my old roommate when I went to visit her in Atlanta and we reminisced on our very dull but busy weekends. When I got my first full time job after graduation, I was very confused about what to do on the weekends because I didn’t have a paper to write or homework to do! I thought I would wake up early and go to a fitness class and do Sunday brunch with friends. I found myself staying in pajamas lounging around doing nothing all weekend and regretting it Monday morning.

Now with balancing two jobs, I spend my Saturdays and Sundays working and will sometimes get a day off during the week. On Sunday morning I helped my mom in our garden and got to enjoy the warm weather a bit. It pained me to go to work and not be able to lounge around all day!

When I saw that I had Wednesday off this week I got excited because I could go to bed without setting an alarm. What I want to do is snooze all day and be lazy watching HBO. I want to keep my day off clear from any plans or commitments….but that doesn’t happen often! I sat down at my desk today and already started to make a to do list of things I can get done! The days I work I try to get as much done before work and after work. But knowing I will be working until 10pm makes it difficult to get out of bed when the sun comes up! And then when I get home I am exhausted after being on my feet all day that I have no effort to do anything!

Having only one day off a week actually allows me to get so much done in a day because I have to schedule everything to make sure I have a productive day off. My ideal day off is to sleep until 10am, get dressed to do some errands and get a home project done. I love to have a busy day off because then I can check things off my to do list and feel very productive!

I am trying to convince myself to sign up for a gym again so I can start going to Yoga and Pilates classes again. I think if I schedule my time correctly, this can be a great perk for a day off.

What are some things you do on your day off?

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