Sharing how to take a bathing suit and turn it into an outfit today. One of the perks of staying at a resort is that you can wear a bathing suit all day long. But with some tricks you can turn it into a cute outfit too!

I spent most of my free time laying on the beach and reading my book while at Siesta Key Beach. I forgot how much I loved to lay in the sun with my feet in the sand! While at the resort, we would wake up early and go on an adventure, lounge around for a bit and then go grab dinner at one of the local restaurants. To get as much beach time in as possible, I usually went to dinner or an outing with my bathing suit on. I wore a beautiful ruffle one-piece bathing suit to the beach one day knowing we were going out to dinner in a few hours. I’m trying to make one piece bathing suits a thing again and I think slowly it is working! I love this cute bathing suit because even though it is a one piece bathing suit, the ruffles make it a little more special.  I got this bathing suit last year at Marshalls, however there are similar ones here, here, here or here. I slipped on my cute navy blue scalloped shorts and with sand still on my feet  went to dinner.

By the way, how cute is this resort?!?


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