splurge or save

splurge or save


For this weeks Wear It Wednesday, I wanted to do something a little different. Today I am sharing some of my secrets to get name brand cosmetics for cheap! I am known for giving presents and finding a good bargain. Today for my blog followers I am sharing my secrets, but feel free to tell all of your friends because it is too good not to share!

I love Sephora like any other girl, but it pains me to spend $30 on mascara. However, when I spend $30 and buy the expensive mascara, it is impossible to go back to drug store brand. One of my favorite places to shop is TJ Maxx. If it is your birthday or it is gift giving holiday, there is a 98% chance I purchased your present at TJ Maxx. The other day I was bored and wanted to get out of the house, so of course I drove to TJ Maxx just to browse. Yeah, browsing did not last long especially when I went over to the cosmetics section. Today I am going to share a post about splurging and saving.


Here are the products I picked up on my last TJ Maxx trip. I know, right!?!?


This Too Faced Sugar Pop eyeshadow pallet is usually $36, but I found it for $10 at TJ Maxx. The packaging was too cute even though I knew I didn’t need another eyeshadow pallet. I love Too Faced eyeshadows because of the high pigment colors and they last all day, I  cannot wait to try it out!


I know that the Too Faced Melted Metal lipsticks were very popular during Christmas. I was thrilled to find them at TJ Maxx for only $7 because they sell for $21 at Sephora. Score! Lately, Too Faced is started to promote a matte version of the Melted Metal lipsticks, so expect to see a lot of the original on clearance to make room for the new products.


This was something I did not need…but had to have because it was only $6 at TJ Maxx. Right now I think these are no longer on the market because I could not find them anywhere to find out how much they sell for. But good for us because we can buy up the old product stock for super cheap! I know Kat Von D products are very popular at Sephora and when I used the blush I really did notice a big difference from my usual blush.


My biggest secret is where I get my Essie nail polish. I actually own a lot of Essie nail polish…but I have never paid full price for it. In my opinion, Essie is the best nail polish out there. I used OPI for years, but found it would chip after day two. For me, Essie nail polish will stay on for an entire week, so I need Essie in my life. I purchase my Essie at TJ Maxx for usually $3 or $4. That is like more than 50% off! Only downfall is that you can’t control the colors they are selling. There are times I come home and I have already purchased the color because they get very few colors.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and take advantage of my shopping secrets!
I will definitely let you guys know if I find any more good products at TJ Maxx and let you know on the blog.


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