cozy sweater


Todays post features one of my favorite items in my closet during the winter months. Right now we are have a noreaster in Jersey and it has been raining alllll day. I woke up this morning and changed into a different pair of sweatpants and put on a comfy sweater. In the winter, sweaters are a closet staple for me and I try to wear them everyday. At work I can make sweaters look work appropriate by adding a collared shirt underneath. But as soon as I get home, I throw on another comfy sweater to relax in. On my days off I usually just wear leggings and sweaters. Seriously guys… I am obsessed!!

Last week my family and I went out to lunch last minute, so of course I threw on some jeans and a sweater from The Loft. This sweater is no longer available, but I swear the Loft has some of the most comfy sweaters!  Post Christmas is the best time to stock up on sweaters because stores are trying to get the stores emptied to make room for resort wear. Right now at The Loft there is a big sale so run on over and stock up!


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