Morning Miracles

dry shampoo


Hit the snooze button tomorrow morning!  I dare you!
The only way I get out of the house on time in the morning is by using dry shampoo. My favorite is Batiste because it gives my hair some volume that I lose after day two of dirty hair and it really does feel clean. Since I color my hair I cannot wash my hair every day or else it gets dry and it causes breakage. You can buy this dry shampoo in different scents and there are ones made specifically for blondes and brunettes. I use the blonde dry shampoo in between highlights and root touch ups because it is a great way to hide my roots! Batiste has been a life saver lately especially when I work the night shift and don’t have the energy to wash my hair after work. I swear I shower every day, but to wash, dry and straighten my hair is a pain in the butt and takes a few hours. This is an investment you need to make in 2017 because I think we will do anything for a few more minutes of sleep in the morning!


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