Start your day with some Bite

img_2618After summer comes to a close, I lose my tan and become very pale. Only blush and bronzer can go so far to bring some life into my face again! The one thing I cannot leave the house without is lipstick. My work schedule lately has been crazy, either waking up before the sun to work my job at a college or working the night shift at J. Crew. Let’s just say, I am exhausted! To hide my exhaustion, I always wear a bold lip color to hide my sleep exhaustion. I am also that type of person who always looks put together even when I want to wear Uggs and leggings. Lipstick really is the secret trick to make you look put together. So I am always on the look out for a new color to try.

img_2626Luckily, Bite Beauty and Influenster saved me a trip to Sephora because they sent me three new lipcolors in the mail to review. I had never heard of Bite Beauty before, but if it is at Sephora, it has to be good, right?? Did I mention they are organic? Yeah like those organic bananas I buy at Whole Foods that go bad on my kitchen counter every week. LOL Here is a little information on the brand:

What goes on your lips should do more than
just color. It should be good for you, too!

Bite lip products are handcrafted one at a time
to provide nourishing, restorative
benefits. These lipsticks contain natural
and organic ingredients—moisturizers
and protective antioxidants like resveratrol,
organic fruit butters, and Manuka honey.

The end result? Edgy, edible innovation for lips.


Each Bite lipstick is infused with the age-fighting
antioxidant resveratrol—the equivalent
of five glasses of wine.


img_2617I feel like we just buy makeup products trusting that they are made with the right ingredients. However, Bite Beauty is very upfront that they are a luxury and made with natural and organic ingredients. How cool is that??

Besides the gorgeous packaging, I love that the lip crayons have a pointed tip so the color glides on easily even when I am putting it on at red lights on my way to work!

img_2830I would compare them to the Nars Lip Pencils, but whenever I would use them my lips would be so dry after a few hours. The pricing is similar, a little less than Nars products, but reasonable for a Sephora product. It’s also a lot of product for the price so it makes it worth every penny.

img_2619Let me know if you use a Bite Beauty product and if you liked it! I have a feeling a lot of my friends will be getting one of these for Christmas!! Even Eddy loves them!!


On Sunday, I worked 9 hours and was running around the whole store ALL DAY! I came home exhausted, my hair was disheveled, clothes were wrinkled. However, my lipstick was still on from earlier that morning when I put it on! I even ate and drank coffee with it on! This stuff is the real deal! It did not smudge or dry my lips all day. I got so many compliments throughout the day on my lip color, I think I sent at least a dozen people to Sephora when they asked what color I was wearing!


My eye is still swollen and cannot open all of the way. I can’t wear contacts or wear eye makeup– but at least my lips are flawless 😉

Products were complimentary of Influenster to test and/or review. 


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