Tuesday Shoesday: Ankle Boots

Fall Boots

I love shopping for new styles every season, but I also get really stressed out about making big purchases. If I am going to swipe my AmEx for a big purchase, I hope to be able to use it everyday. I try to save money wherever I can when it comes to clothes, but lately I have had the funds to splurge a little. When I was taking out my fall wardrobe out of storage I realized I needed new ankle boots. Desperately.

I started to look online for options and came to the realization that purchasing just one pair of boots that will go will everything is almost impossible. Should I get black boots, suede boots, brown boots, tassels?? The options go on and on, and free shopping on the Nordstrom website was not helping me make a decision. I suggest making a budget for how much money you want to spend on boots and do not go over it!! When you make a budget, you can then determine what stores you are going to look at for boots. Don’t start browsing Tory Burch boots when you know you cannot afford them!

I wanted to buy a pair of boots that I can wear to work, run  errands in and to grab drinks with friends in.  I had a lot of demands from one pair of boots! But if I will be spending money on boots, I want to make sure I will wear them every single day.

There are so many different type of booties, with colors, heel style, material and the little details on them. I recently wrote a post about some of the booties I wanted HERE, and after hours of research it made making a decision a lot easier when I was ready to make a purchase!

My Recommendation

My Go To Brown Leather Boots
I finally decided to purchase THESE and they have become my new wear with everything shoe. When I wore them the other day my friend almost stole them off my feet because she loved them so much. She loved them even more when I told her they were under $100! I can wear them with neutrals, like with an all white outfit or with jeans and a plaid shirt. Over the summer my go to shoes were my Tory Burch Miller Sandals I wore with everythinggg, so I like that I can wear my boots with my whole wardrobe this fall.
The boots I purchased are simple and not fussy, so I can just throw them on with every outfit.



How To Style Boots

For me to answer how to wear ankle booties, it depends on what kind you get. There are so many kinds of boots out there! But with the BP Trolley Boot in brown, I know I can wear these with denim, black jeans, and a neutral white outfit.



I also try to style them with other brown accessories like handbags and my brown cardigan to tie the look together. This tote goes perfectly with brown booties and it fits my whole life in it, so I use it whenever I am running errands. I am currently obssessed with the color maroon this fall and I plan to stock up on maroon colored clothes since they go with brown boots, too!

Leather Totes

Last winter I purchased a flair style pair of jeans and I loved the look. But since I am so short I found it difficult to wear them without the hem of the jeans dragging on the floor. These brown boots provide a little heel so now I can finally wear my jeans without struggling with the length. Keep an eye on my Instagram because these boots will be making a lot of appearances on my page!


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