hoppy easter!


I’m a bunny, DUHH!

I am starting to realize that holidays as an adult kind of suck.
All of the creativity and make believe disappears making you wish you could have your childhood back.
I have been making more of an effort to give presents rather than receive them.Yes, it is hurting my bank account but it is so worth it to give to others. For years my parents have put so much effort into my Easter basket I thought it was time to return the favor!

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Just a few things for Mamma that I knew she would like!

Decorating for holidays has become my new favorite. My mom has boxes of decorations for each holiday so decorating the house house been a place to become creative. I am looking forward to the day I can decorate my own home! Of course I used our Martha Stewart plates for the occasion!

Mamma and I got a little creative with a cake we saw on Pinterest. Now is this a Pinterest Win or a Pinterest Fail??

Even Eddy got in on the Easter celebrations!FullSizeRender (19)


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