IMG_5591Who needs boys when you can have your best friends?

Instead of obsessing why we are alone on the Hallmark created holiday we should look around and be grateful for the people we have in our life. Boys come and go in our lives but the people who we call our friends are with us through good and bad times.

I decided to make an effort this year because I was very single without a boy in my life. I couldn’t even find someone to be my fake Valentine for a day. I called up an old college roommate and told her to clear her weekend, we were going out. Within a few hours we had a whole weekend planned with the cliche Valentine’s Day things you are supposed to do with a significant other on this Hallmark holiday. For Valentine’s Day I was going back to my Hawk Hill home in Philadelphia which is the best gift of all.

After Wine Tasting at a Winery, dinner, and a movie it was a busy, fun-filled day! We decided that we needed to go out to a bar to ring in Valentine’s Day properly. With drinks in our hands we cheered Valentine’s Day because it gave us a reason to see each other again. Our lives are so busy we need to take the time to put what matters first, our friends will be in our lives much longer than any job or relationship. The whole weekend I spent time with the gals in my life who have been in my life a lot longer than a guy. These are the people that have seen me at my worst. Like emotionally worst and I fell asleep in my eye makeup worst! The people you should give your love to are the ones you can lay around in pajamas and watch movies with and be happy with the little things.

We really are single for a very small time in our lives. I feel like society has us obsessing with who we are going to end up with instead of enjoying the time we have with ourselves right now. Our twenties is when we should proud to be independent and do what we want. Now we have the time to do the things we want to do without big responsibilities getting in the way. Be proud of who you are and be proud that you can stand on your own two feet on your own without a guy holding you up.


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