TRAVEL: College Roommates Take Nashville


My college roommates and I decided months ago to go on a trip during Fall Break. They are all teachers, so they had a few days off in October for a girls weekend. At first we started to throw ideas out there like to see a movie, sleepover at someones house, day trip somewhere. Then someone suggested we actually go somewhere- a place none of us have ever been before. Somehow Nashville came up in  conversation and we all agreed that yup, this is the adventure we were looking for! It is a city that none of us have been to before, a few of us are obsessed with country music, it was in driving distance to my one friend who moved down South for a job, and it is below the Mason Dixon Line, aka my favorite place to be. We booked our flights a few months ago…but it was a last minute trip. The hotel was booked very last minute, we had no plans of things to do once we got down there, but we knew we just wanted to have fun with each other.


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