Friday Favorites 9.10

This morning, I had an appointment in New Jersey and was not expecting that chilly breeze while walking to the car. Brr!!! Fall is officially on its way and it’s time to bring out all of the layers. This week, I started to clean our house and make room for the pumpkins and other fall decor. Even though we have plenty of pumpkins and fall decor already, I’m hoping we can go to Homegoods this weekend to see what else we can find!

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch is my go-to show to watch at night while I get ready for bed. With only 30 minute episodes, it’s full of laughs and typical 90s sitcom jokes.
  • Impeachment is going to be our new date night show I think and the first episode left us wanting more!
  • Outlander was on hold for a bit because I am reading the books while we do a rewatch.

Trying to recover from summer vacation hair aka dry dead ends with It’s A 10 leave-in product.

OPI came out with a new vegan line of nail polishes, Nature Strong. I’m going on week two of my manicure with very few chips and no top coat.

If you don’t have a dry brush already, be sure to pick one up for yourself. I don’t use it as often as I should, but after a bath I love to use it all over my body to get all of the dead skin off. My legs have never felt softer after I use it.

Wearing lipstick a lot this week while I run errands and I’ve been grabbing these lip glosses each time.

Does a really big grocery run after being out of the country and state for two weeks count? Well that is where I did the most shopping this week ha!

Also picked up these cute cups for $2 at Target because I fell in love with them right away.

Bought myself a new toy (a mop) to give the floors a deep clean before fall. Even though it’s simple and under $10, I was very impressed as I cleaned all of the floors in our house yesterday.

Picked up two of these $8 tanks and I’ll be going back to get more because they are so comfy and will look cute under layers for fall.

This week, Jake made tacos for dinner which were delicious! We got take out sushi on Wednesday which we like to do each week if we can for a hump day treat! Last night, I made pulled pork sandwiches with roasted potatoes and broccoli. Trying to be healthy and eat salads when I can for lunch!

Follow along to see what books I’m reading on my GoodReads account! Halfway done with the third Outlander book, Voyager and need to get the next one asap! I’ve found myself getting into bed around 8pm so I have more time to read.

Fall candles are burning in our house making it smell like fall!

Picked up a bunch of the pumpkins in the dollar bin at Target because they were only a dollar. I may have a pumpkin problem because I have so many around the house….

Ed the cat has been super clingy lately and I’m loving every second of it!

This article about a dinner party straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie gave me the motivation to start planning a dinner party myself!


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