Recent Amazon Purchases vol. 1

I don’t think we order a lot from Amazon until we take out the trash on Sunday night and realize that we have a LOT of boxes from Amazon!

NACHOsaurus – This nacho chip holder was a big hit for Jake’s birthday last month!

Chewbacca Bath Robe – Someone kept talking about how much he wanted a cozy bath robe after seeing me live in a bathrobe all winter long so I got Jake a Star Wars themed one for his birthday.

Birthday Decoration Kit – Speaking of birthdays, this was a last minute purchase to decorate the house for Jake’s birthday since we couldn’t leave the house and he had to work.

Storage Bag – Saw a few other people post about htis Amazon find and finally added it to my cart. One bag can hold so much stuff and is a great way to hold all of my extra blankets, duvets, and comforters.

Bucket – An odd purchase but I really needed a good bucket for cleaning and I was happy to find this one for such a good price!

Tomato Seeds – I was jealous of my parents garden last summer so I ordered some tomato seeds to start my own! Fingers crossed we get some tomatoes this summer!

Bird Feeder – Ed loves to chat with the birds in the backyard so I thought it would be nice to get a bird feeder for them. Jokes on us because we have to refill it every two days because we have a lot of happy and full birds now!

Bird Seed – Going to have to put this bird seed on auto ship because we are going through it so fast!

Water Hose Nozzle – One of those things I realized we needed a few weeks ago and the jet stream is similar to a pressure washer!

Scrabble – Saw someone playing Scrabble on tv and immediately ordered one so we could play it the next day ha!

Spiralizer – I found a bunch of delicious recipes to try with zucchini noodles and since it can be pricey to buy them pre-packaged, I got my own spiralizer!


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