Everyday Habits

sweater // my everyday leggings

I’ve never been much of a Monday person but lately I have found myself really motivated to get stuff done on Mondays. Maybe it’s the relaxing weekends or knowing we are going into another lock down, whatever the reason is I like to be productive during the week. As someone who craves structure and doesn’t have much of that these days, I created a schedule that I like to stick to as much as I can. Over time my body has adjusted to these routines and I’m getting some of that structure back. In case you are interested, here are my everyday habits…

Wake up with alarm

Throw on bathrobe and head downstairs to make coffee and breakfast

Fill up giant water bottle which I refill all day

Take my vitamins

Head to my office where I’ll check emails and make my to do list for the day

Listen to podcasts like The New York Times The Daily while I get work done

Update my Google Calendar with reminders and tasks

Break for lunch and get dressed for the day before heading back to my desk

Daily walk at 3PM (most days) and I’ll listen to a fun news podcast like Pod Save America

Run errands in the afternoon

After my walk, I’ll catch up on tv or finish up some work

We usually make a dinner plan in the morning and take turns cooking at night

I’ll spend 20 minutes at night tidying up before I head upstairs for the night

On Sundays, I’ll talk a long bath and during the week, a long shower at night

I like to blow dry my hair, apply lotion or do a manicure if needed after my shower

When I get into bed at night, my body knows it’s time to unwind

My night time skincare products are on my nightstand so I remember to apply them

The goal is to read a chapter a night so I keep my book on my nightstand

The Calm App has changed my life and now I can’t sleep without it

Seems silly when it’s broken down but I love having this outline for my day. I have purpose in the morning and motivation to finish up my work so I can go on my walk. My daily to do list can be very long with urgent tasks and tasks to do eventually. I’ve been writing my to do list and then adding tasks and reminders so I can get alerts on my phone. It’s also an easy way to add to my grocery list or move things around. Creating a routine does not need to be precise, I prefer mine to guide me with goals and times allotted when I can get work done, get in some fitness, and when to take care of myself.


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