Friday Favorites 10.9

I am really looking forward to this weekend after a productive and busy week. We have plans to spend as much time outside and enjoy this nice fall weather we have been having lately. There is a fall harvest festival in the city and I think it’s the closest thing I’ll get to a pumpkin patch this year so we are going to take advantage of it. I’ve been going on a walk every day around the city to get my steps in and I keep going another block just to enjoy the sunshine! It’s been a great way to get some exercise in, I’ll put on a podcast and walk for an hour. It’s also been amazing for my mental health!

I’m one of those people who binge watched Emily in Paris on Netflix in 24 hours. Sure it wasn’t completely accurate but I loved that it was a fun show to watch full of beautiful scenes of Paris and the outfits left me inspired and were so fun! We are in a Pandemic right now and I prefer fantasy over reality any day.

I’ve been sticking to my routines and doing my nighttime skincare routine every night as soon as I get out of the shower. To make my life easy, I put all of my skincare products into this makeup bag so everything is in one place; serums, creams and face mask ready to go. I’ve been loving this serum at night before bed. The next morning I wake up to soft glowing skin in the morning.

For my daily walk, I like to treat myself and put on some makeup and do my hair. I’m having fun with the new makeup I got in the mail last week and even though I may not see anyone all day it’s still nice to get ready for myself. It takes a few minutes to make an effort and improves my mood for the day.

This week we did a Trader Joe’s run and got some of the fall items that we love and a few new ones to try. Wish we had a car because I would have stocked up on pumpkins and mums for the house but that will probably happen later this week. One thing I love to buy there are the fall flowers that I can dry and dried wheat that can be used throughout the year in vases around the house.

I am loving my daily walks and exploring the city on foot.

Moved some furniture around the house and loving this new setup.


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