Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is coming up (May 10th) and may require some more effort than usual this year. It’s always the thought that counts and this year, it really should be emphasized because all mothers need to feel extra special this year. Moms with kids of all ages are feeling the stresses of the pandemic on top of the everyday mom workload. I wanted to come up with gifts that weren’t just materialistic but really showed that you are thinking of them. When I pick out gifts for Mothers Day, I want to get my mom something that will bring her joy every time she uses it. For me, I won’t be able to drop by and give her a present so I am sending it weeks in advance so she gets it on time and some extra time to enjoy it. Here are some ideas for Mothers Day to make your mom feel special.

Mom got her present early this year!

Watering Can Basket
my mom has a garden and can fill this up with flowers
New Dish Towels
make it funny or sweet, something she can use everyday
Mrs. Meyer’s Rose Collection
if you can’t send flowers this is a great alternative
Books about Travel from Amazon
start planning a trip post-quarantine and use these as inspiration
Start a Book Club
what all moms want is to hear from you more
Pajamas from SOMA
these are the softest pajamas and make a great gift offers free shipping on orders $35+ so add a few things to your cart and have it shipped directly to your mom to get free shipping. Expect some delays with shipping from Amazon if you do make a purchase from there!


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