Why I Love My Foreo

I wash my face every morning and night and I am sure that you do the same, right? I’m sure I am not the only one who still sometimes thinks their face doesn’t feel clean and soft after you wash it. I’ve tried every single skin product out there and they would work great at night and then I would wake up in the morning with clogged pores and bumpy skin again.

There are face masks and products out there but I found them time consuming and costly, simply not practical for everyday use. So I was so excited when I started to use a Foreo face cleanser and saw results immediately! The Luna Mini is travel sized and it’s easy to use while I wash my face in the morning before work. Just wet your face, use the face wash you normally use and then massage around your face for a few seconds before rinsing. Seriously, it is that easy and my face feels so soft for days after!

For days that I wear makeup, I like to use my Foreo Luna Mini while I wash my face at night because it’s the only thing that gets allll of my makeup off. It doesn’t matter what type of cleanser you use because i find it it is the cleansing tool that really mattes. The tool is silicone with bumps that pulse to help unclog pores and give your skin that clean feels. It’s perfect for every day use too! The Foreo Luna Mini has been a great addition to my skincare routine and I highly suggest you get one too!


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