My J. Crew Factory Holiday Favorites

I haven’t done much shopping for holiday outfits because my closet is already filled with so many festive pieces. Most importantly is that they are all classic and work year after year and most of them are from J. Crew Factory. There is just something about their plaid that gets me into the holiday spirit! Since there are so many good sales going on right now because of the holidays, I thought it would be a good time to share my J. Crew Factory holiday faves.

Statement Holiday Top // I have one from last season that I wore constantly throughout December. I am excited to see it back this season in a new tartan print! This top is classic and can easily be worn for work everyday or for a festive occasion.

Fair Isle Sweater // Every year J. Crew Factory has a perfectly preppy version of the classic fair isle sweater.

The Vail Parka // I love this coat so much that I bought it three times! I currently have it in a grey, red, and black.

Pearl Headband // It looks like headbands are back in style and my two day dirty hair appreciates it! The headbands are an easy accessory to wear and are a perfect gift for a friend.

Scallop Camis // I have a few of these camis and wear them the entire year. Super cute for the summer months and can be worn with a cardigan during the colder months. I love wearing these with a sparkly necklace as the adult version of the going out outfit.

Velvet Bow Hair Ties // This was the number one item on my Christmas wish list last year and I wear these constantly to work. On my busier days at work, I like to put my hair up in a pony tail and these are great when I need a little something to make me look a little more professional and less frazzled.

Tissue Turtlenecks // If you are one of those people that can’t wear turtlenecks because of how they make your neck feel, then I highly encourage you to scoop up a few of these. When I wear skirts to work I often wear it with a tissue turtleneck for a chic look and they look great with jeans when I want to go for a classic look.

Sweaters // You can never have too many and you can never go wrong with a classic sweater for that preppy holiday look. I’m actually embarrassed by how many sweaters I own and I really do wear all of them!

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