Who knew Target had such cute clothes?

I like to take advantage of Target’s free shipping and the endless options the store has to offer. While browsing for some essentials, I started to look at the new fall collection that was just released. And oh my goodness – who knew Target had such cute clothes???

I immediately scooped up this houndstooth tie front top because it looks so expensive but it’s priced for Target. The joke is that if something has a bow, I need to have it so this top easily became one of my new faves. This top is something I wouldn’t normally wear, but the bow kinda sealed the deal. It’s work friendly paired with a black skirt and screams fall with jeans and brown riding boots.

blazer | flats

This blazer is worn on repeat because it is so easy to throw on with any outfit to dress it up. I wore it with jeans one day and then the next week I wore with black pants and a sweater tank for a partner meeting. I’m wearing a size 2 and it’s still fitted. Also, the price is even more amazing! My loafers are new and I’m not sure how I ever lived without them! They have quickly turned into my most worn shoe because they are comfy and go with everything.

This skirt is not something I usually wear but I immediately fell in love with the pattern! It’s been easy to wear to work with a simple black long sleeve top or colored tops that match.

plaid pants // poncho // tory flats

These pants are surprisingly stretchy and are really comfortable. I’m wearing a size two and are the perfect fit. The poncho is a bit large, but it is a one size fits all so that is the look. It’s nice for work because it’s it’s long in the back so I can get away with a legging that looks like pants and it covers the booty!

I thought I was done shopping until I found these pajamas and was so excited to see that my fave pajamas are in a new pattern! As long as Target keeps making these pajamas, I plan on buying them in every color 🙂


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