my favorite drugstore mascara and eyeliner

I haven’t done a product review in a while so I thought it was time to talk about one of my favorite products on the blog. Before I do a product review, I like to walk around my room and see what products are being used a lot lately or if I have any empty bottles in my bathroom trash because that is obviously a clear sign that it was one of my favorites. With my new job, I have had to adjust to new responsibilities and my alarm clock goes off earlier in the morning. Since I am usually in a rush, I only like to spend like 5 minutes getting ready so I’ve been using a quick flick of eyeliner and some mascara before heading out the door.

Lash Paradise eyeliner // Lash Paradise mascara

This drugstore mascara dupe has been compared to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and I have to say that I have used both and I have bought the Lash Paradise mascara again and again because I go through so many of them. Let’s talk about my lashes after I use the mascara for a minute. The length is unbelievable! My lashes are thick with just a few coats of mascara. There is no clumping so my lashes are left feeling smooth and airy making my lashes look almost naturally this dark and full. Ugh if only I woke up with lashes looking this good! LOL I was buying the Too Faced mascara for a while but always found excuses not to use it everyday because it was so expensive and I didn’t want to waste it on days I was just running errands or going to work. The Lash Paradise mascara does like the exact same thing and is only $9 so I use this mascara daily and don’t have to feel guilty when I run out and have to buy another one!

While picking up another tube of mascara at Target recently, I picked up the Lash Paradise eyeliner as well to try out and I have been really impressed so far! It has a super fine tip so it is so easy to put on even on mornings when I am rushing!


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