Staying In is the New Going Out

For years I experienced the worst FOMO so I was always going somewhere or making plans with friends. I was commuting back and forth to Philly while working a full time job with a part time job because I didn’t want to miss out any girls nights out with my friends. Now in my later twenties, I get excited when plans fall apart or I have a quiet evening planned at home. My relationship with Jake started off as friends who watched a lot of movies together on my couch so it’s something we always try to make time for during the week. We like to order in food and get work done on our laptops while watching a movie. We like to spend time together while doing our own thing as we talk about our day or share a news story with one another. It’s a nice balance of being near each other and doing our own thing at the same time. I love to blog while Jake will play a game on his laptop while we binge watch our favorite show with a box of pizza in between us. Nights like these allow us to have balance and taking care of our selves while in the company of one another. Not once do we argue that we only do what the other person wants to do because we both get to do what we want to without ignoring the other person.

Then we have date night when we go out for dinner or a movie. Those nights feel just as special as the nights we stay in and eat Wawa for dinner. I guess it took me a few years to appreciate that you don’t always have to be doing an activity to enjoy time with someone. While Jake and I have a list of restaurants and things we want to try, our weekends usually consist of errands and grocery shopping but it never feels like a chore because we enjoy doing them together. On Sunday nights, I’ll fold laundry while he puts it away and our trips to the grocery store have us excited about meals we can make at home that week. It’s a sign that you are with the right person when you get just as excited about going out for Sushi as you do going to Target to pick up a few things.


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