sales + recent purchases

First, let’s talk about sales going on this week! As a girl that loves to shop, I take the time to find the best time to buy. There are always going to be really cute clothes and accessories that I wish I had in my closet, but with my tiny budget, I often cannot afford every new style that comes out. However, when a sale comes along, it gets easier to add a few more styles to my closet. Shop now to scoop up some cute styles you can wear all summer long!

J. Crew – 40% off Summer Vacation Must Haves

J. Crew Factory- 40% to 70% off Summer Essentials

Loft– $10 tanks, $15 tees, $25 shorts and $35 dresses

Old Navy– 40% off tops, dresses and shorts

Onto recent purchases….


Most of my spending now goes towards the apartment decor and other necessities. I feel like I am at Homegoods every weekend picking up stuff for the apartment. When I moved into the apartment, I had a lot of the stuff I needed after accumulating it all these years. I would always take advantage of a Pottery Barn sale or pick up something at an antique shop that would look cute in my future apartment. This strategy worked out well because when I finally moved, I didn’t have to spend that much money on things since I already had them. My apartment is actually bigger than I ever thought it would be, so I am still on the lookout for some wall decor to complete the space. It has been so much fun to turn these white, empty rooms into my favorite place. Unfortunately, I cannot link any of my Homegoods purchases but I encourage you to wander after work some day this week and get some faux flowers.


A month into the job and I am realizing now that I have enough tops, but not enough bottoms to wear to work. Over the weekend, my friend and I went to Loft to shop for some cute skirts and pants to wear to work. I reallllly don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe, but I invested in some skirts that I can wear over and over again with different tops all summer. Since I have no self control, I did purchase a few tops as well and shared a few tops that are already in my closet still on sale. I am really excited about my new work wardrobe because Loft makes the best clothes for work and the weekends! You can see what I purchased here:

I have been taking advantage of free shipping available at Target recently since it is a struggle to bring anything from my car up to my apartment. I have been ordering my basics like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and everything else you would run to Target for. Everything gets shipped in like two days right to my building, so then I just have to bring it up to my apartment. Super easy!

I also have no self control at Target and the add to cart button is just too easy to push! I walk almost two miles to work each way and I needed some affordable, but comfortable shoes to wear the the office so I am not always using my higher end shoes. The Sugarfix by Baublebar collection is amazing making it hard to say no to $12 earrings! Most of my shopping has been little things I need for the apartment like a new bathmat or shower curtain. Some of my apartment furniture has been from Target too and what I like most about Target is that if you buy from the same collection, most of the time it will always match. Once again, Target finds ways to take my money because all I needed all of this:


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