Sundays are for Self Care

Sunday is usually my “self care” day when I get some laundry done, clean my bedroom, take a long shower and end the night with a face mask. When I don’t set time aside to have a little “me time” on Sundays, I swear it throws my entire week off. When I went home for Memorial Day Weekend, I came back to the apartment late Monday night and my apartment was a mess, there was laundry to do and I didn’t have my pampering time that I look forward to all week. I tried to tidy up my kitchen, throw a load of laundry in, unload the dishwasher after work, but there are just not enough hours in my day to get everything done! So this Sunday, I am setting time aside for myself to get my most important to do list done. The work week revolves around work, on Sundays you should focus on yourself so you are prepared and energized for the upcoming week!

Breakfast: Actually eat a real breakfast, preferably on the couch in your pajamas with a cozy blanket. 

Actually Take Time To Get Ready In The Morning: Whether I have plans that day or not, I like to make myself presentable even if I just throw on cute lounge clothes or jeans. Feel free to go without makeup, but still make yourself look somewhat together!

Planner: Open your planner and plan the week ahead so you can use time management to get things done. I like to make daily and weekly to do lists so I feel like I accomplished something when I check off that I went to the gym that day. 

Walk 10 Thousand Steps A Day: Sundays are my lazy day, but I try really hard not to be on the couch all day. I started going on long walks in the afternoon just to get out of my apartment. I will walk to grab a coffee or walk around Target for a bit. Just leaving the apartment helps me feel like I did something that day. 

15 Minute Nighttime Routine: When I shower on Sunday night before bed, I  like to spend another 15 minutes applying some face mask or applying lotion all over my body. During the week, I get back from the gym, take a quick shower and immediately hop into bed with wet hair because I am exhausted. I like to take advantage of my free time on Sundays and just take care of my skin. 

Run the Dishwasher: I live alone, so I don’t have that many dishes that pile up in my sink. On Sunday mornings, I go around my apartment and collect every coffee cup or dish before I run my dishwasher. Then while I have my face mask on post shower at night, I pack a lunch for the next day and empty my dishwasher. 

Sunday Clean Up: I swear my laundry reproduces when I leave the apartment, because all of a sudden my apartment can go from presentable to a mess in a blink of an eye! I like to start my week off with a clean apartment and will do a deep clean on Sundays. On my way to work on Monday morning, I grab the garbage I collected the day before and toss it in the garbage chute on my way to the elevators. 

Drink Water: Sitting at a desk all day allows me to just drink water all day because I stare at my water bottle all day. On Sundays, I kinda forget to eat or drink anything because I don”t have my day scheduled out. My fridge has the reusable water bottles filled with water already, so I can easily grab one to have while running errands or just to sit on the couch with. 

Let me know how you spend your Sundays in the comments!

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