Summer Haircare Routine Featuring L’Oreal

Hello, humidity! Summer is just around the corner and lately, it has been very hot and humid here in Philadelphia. I get ready in the morning and just a block away from home on my way to work, I can feel my hair getting bigger and the frizz coming out. I have been using the L’Oreal Blow Dry It collection (primer spray, cream, heat spray) after each shower to get that smooth, soft hair look.

With so many different shampoo brands out there, it can get overwhelming to find the perfect match. Lately, I have been using the L’Oreal shampoos and I am really happy with them. If you want soft, shiny hair then I would recommend the L’Oreal Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner. I spend a lot of time on my hair and rely on heat tools to combat frizz. All of us girls want great hair, but it takes the right products in the shower and while we do our hair to keep it looking healthy all summer long.

My Summer Hair Care Routine

I try to only wash my hair three times a week in the summer because I hate doing my hair in the summer because it is too hot to use a hair dryer or straightener. Washing your hair makes it feel soft, but it is also not so great for your hair when you do it daily. Invest in a good dry shampoo so you can get a few more days in-between washing your hair.

My hair takes forever to dry, so I put off blow drying my hair as much as possible. I try to limit just 10 minutes of using a hair dryer and a big round brush to quickly style it using minimum heat damage. 

Add a hair mask to your shower routine once a week to get strong and healthy hair. I have used this L’Oreal Pre-Shampoo hair mask for the last year and it really makes my scalp feel fresh and oil free for three days. The L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair hair mask is currently in my shopping cart because when summer rolls around my hair gets blonder and I need something to keep my hair healthy after coloring it. 

I recently got a haircut and said goodbye to two inches of hair. I am trying to grow out my hair and I know the best way to do this is by investing and actually using good hair products. I also just added the l’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil treatment to my online shopping cart because I want to see what the hype is. 

After I style my hair, I add a bit of hairspray before leaving the house. I have a 40-minute walk to work, so I can leave the apartment and my hair looks amazing, but by the time I get to work I have no control over what it looks like. I like the L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray especially on my bangs because it keeps my hairstyle in place but is not stiff because of the flexible hold.

This post is not sponsored by L’Oreal, but while doing my hair tonight, I realized that the majority of my hair care products are L’Oreal. Now that I have given you a long list of hair products you must try, I wanted to remind you that you can get free shipping from Target with $35+ orders and get a $5 gift card on $20 beauty purchases right now. So stock up on amazing products right now!

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