Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Guys

Valentine’s Day for the guy in your life can be a bit tricky, so I thought I would put together the perfect collection of gifts for the guys in your life that are perfect. For when socks just won’t do, go with more practical gifts for the guy in your life. Now is the perfect time to get him something that you have been wanting him to use or get recently. If you ask a guy, he doesn’t need anything…. but he could use Harry’s Shaving Kit or a new wallet. If he has shoes that are falling apart or wears Nike’s when you go out to dinner, get him a pair of Cole Haan sneakers because while they are a sneaker, they are also a bit more dressy. If you notice he doesn’t have any clothes, invest in a raincoat he can use on his way to work because I am sure he doesn’t have one of those in his closet! And to make his commute to work a bit easier, get him a Herschel backpack filled with snacks to eat while commuting. For the guy who has everything, you can get a map print of a town or city through Etsy. Something a bit more personal that they can put up in their apartment or office. For sure they don’t already have one! Finally, a gift for yourself and him, get him a cozy throw blanket for his place.
I hope this gift guide for the main in your life was helpful! Even if you are not romantically involved with a guy, doesn’t mean you can’t spoil the men in your life on the holiday!

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