Blonde Moment

Hello, friends! I cannot believe it is just two weeks before Christmas. We are finally getting our Christmas tree today because none of us have been able to be off on the same day. While all of our Christmas decorations may not be up yet, I do have all of my Christmas shopping done for my friends and family! If you are still shopping, keep coming back to the blog for some gift guides. If you like to treat yourself (🙋🏼‍♀️ like me) now is the perfect time to take advantage of deals for yourself). Work has been crazy lately and I come home most days to just collapse into bed. It’s been joyful and delightful with the holiday traffic. It’s crazy, but I do love every minute of it.

These are some of the things that are going on in my life. Let me know what you are up to in the comments below!

Christmas Extravaganza My moms one birthday wish was to go on a family to Colonial Williamsburg. We went years ago and while my parents were house hunting in Virginia in September they signed up for an annual pass to support it. Last week we went for a long weekend and seeing these colonial homes never gets old.

Holiday Bedding On Black Friday, I scored a $50 flannel duvet for my bed and I was waiting by the door all week waiting for it to arrive. With a few pillows from Target, my bed is now festive for Christmas. My friends thought I was silly to buy new bedding for Christmas, but when you see my bed it looks so comfy!

Sales on Sales on Sales I’ve never been much of an online shopping, however this holiday season I have been taking advantage of free shipping while shopping for Christmas gifts and well, gifts for myself. Keep an eye on my Insta story or blog Facebook page because I’ve been posting deals on those that you cannot miss.

I Smell Snow We got our first snow and it melted within 48 hours! As much as I hate shoveling it, I do love seeing it fall!

Bedroom Christmas Tree I took advantage of the free shipping at Target and ordered a six foot tree, lights, 200 ornaments, a star and decor for $50! I stayed up one night past my bedtime and got my tree all decorated. It’s now my favorite part of my bedroom!


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