A Golden Autumn Day

Quick question, how many times a week can you wear the same pants without people thinking you are weird? I recently purchased these pants and I have already worn them three times in one week…. I can wear jeans to work, but sometimes I need a break from denim and want to dress a little nicer. These pants are casual enough to work at J. Crew and I can also wear them to the office. Whenever someone comes in to buy work pants, I immediately show them these pants.


pants (similar) / shirt (similar) / loafers

They are the Winnie City Fit pant from J. Crew Factory and I love this pattern for fall. I am a big fan of this style pant because of the price, as well as their stretchy fit. I am in the process of buying them in all the colors and patterns.

I found this sweater in my moms closet and fell in love with the golden honey color. This color is really popular for fall (everything in J. Crew is this color!) and goes perfect with these patterned pants.

Can we also talk about my hair in these photos?? I went to bed with wet hair and when I woke up five hours later it was still wet. I didn’t have time to straighten it, so I literally went to work with bed head. Really missing the days I had long hair to throw it up in a sloppy bun! This commute, the new hours and having to be up at 6am every morning is taking a toll on my personal appearance. But hey, I may look like a hot mess, but at least my outfits are still cute!


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