start your month off right

Do you ever blink and then realize that another month has passed? Sometimes I am surprised when I have to write the number 1 on a form because I didn’t even realize a new month had started. To make sure I take advantage of every day, I like to spend some time planning and starting the month with some rituals. Since May is starting I thought I would share some of my rituals just in case you find them helpful.

1// Look at a calendar I can’t tell you how many times I go on Facebook to discover it is one of my friends birthdays and I forgot to send  a card. I like to look at my planner on the first day of each month and see what I have going on. Then I make a long to do list of things I need to do that month like schedule a haircut, check when I have a doctors appointment or plan time to blog. An important part of my routine is to write down in my planner when I have bills due so I can budget accordingly for them. Trying to avoid those late fees!

2// Declutter your life I take time to tidy up in the beginning of each month. Clean up my room, organize my closet a bit, and delete my emails. I also take time to back up all of my photos to my laptop or Google Photo and then delete unnecessary photos on my phone. Start your month off with no laundry piling up and get a few other chores out of the way. I know this may not be for everyone, but I also get my car cleaned every month. There is a car wash near me that cleans the inside and outside of your car. It is a silly expense, but it makes me happy every month to treat myself.


3// Start off the month with a kitchen stocked with food Seems silly, but stock up on items that you know you need the first week of the month. Stock up on cereal, snacks, K Cups and other nonperishable items that you eat a lot of. It is something I have neglected to do this month and my morning stop to grab a bagel and coffee before work definitely adds up!

4// Have An Empty Hamper  I have such a large wardrobe that I usually only do laundry once a month. The first week of the month is when I get a few loads of laundry done and I try to hang it up as soon as it comes out of the dryer. I also walk around the house and grab bath towels, kitchen sink towels, floor mats and anything else I can grab to throw in the wash.

5// Switch up your coffee table decor Not every month has a holiday, but I like to change my decor up every month. It makes being at home a little more special. I have a bunch of throw pillows on rotation and changing my decor around my home gives me an excuse to do a quick dusting as I go.

6// Clean out your purse or bag Now is a good time to clean out your purse and throw out those receipts that are building up! I am one of those people that carry their lives in their purse which is great when someone needs hand sanitizer or a pen. But these things can quickly build up and make my bag very heavy. Take some time and empty out your purse and then stock it with things you know you need. I keep a pen, a small notebook, deodorant, hand sanitizer and candy in my purse at all times.



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