Oh, The Places You Go (In 2016)

One of my life goals after college graduation was to travel as much as possible. I tried to take a really sad fact that all of my friends were moving across the country and tried to make it a positive that I had a lot of visiting to do!

Unfortunately, when you are a working girl, it limits the time off I had to go places so I did not go to as many places as last year. This year definitely was filled with new places, new sights, and new adventures!

The traveling red suitcase went on a lot of adventures this past year, and even though it was damaged en route to Texas (Thanks, United!), it was fixed and has a few more years to go!

Here are some of the places I visited and some were new places I crossed off my bucket list! Excited to see where 2017 takes me.canstock14468516


Galentines Day in Philadelphia

New Hope, PAtumblr_oj1b8d3Caw1qdoczqo1_1280.jpg


Seven Springs, PAtumblr_oj1ba0essC1qdoczqo1_1280.jpg


Austin, Texas

Waco, Texas

San Antonio, Texas


Another SJU Graduation!13248947_782507345219968_1325327898_n(1).jpg


Philadelphia Day Trips13388566_627756050706329_1811174653_n(1).jpg


The Monmouth Park Racetrack13739540_223122314752015_1166120317_n(1).jpg


Beach Days (and ice cream) at the Jersey Shore!14128838_329169314092298_31025510_n(1).jpg14134565_1774948432789800_1149461763_n(1).jpg


Parents got a beach house in Avalon, NJ to celebrate their wedding anniversary ❤ 14272096_253552141711692_867560712_n(1).jpg




Home renovation were finally completed! No time for trips or vacations because every free minute was dedicated to working on the house.



New York City15539076_1204153322985752_4710935059006226432_n(1).jpg

Here is last years round up of the places I have visited! I already have two big trips to two different states planned for February. Hint: warm weather and sunshine are involved !


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