Crafting on a Friday Night

img_2848When there is a sale at Bath & Body Works I am always stocking up on the candles! Over the last year I have burned through a few of them and have a collection of empty glass canisters sitting in my room waiting for a craft project. It’s a Friday night so of course I am cleaning my room because I have nothing better to do. I thought I would finally do something with these empty candle canisters.

You can take an empty candle canister and turn it into chic storage for small items! I have been struggling to finish decorating my bathroom and to find ways to take advantage of storage. So I decided to take an old candle and repurpose it to store q-Tips and cotton squares.


Here is how I did it:img_2836img_2841img_2842img_2843img_2845img_2844img_2846

It was super easy and it helps declutter my bathroom sink. Since these are products I use often, I can have them on my sink but it won’t clutter it up.

For the q-tip storage, you are going to need at least have a box of them to fill it up.


Aren’t they cute?? Let me know how you reuse your Bath & Body Works candles in the comments below. I would love to do another project 🙂


For Christmas time, the fresh balsam candle is my absolute favorite! These sell out fast, so stock up today. My whole house smells like a Christmas tree when this is lit.


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