But we keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving

When you think Nashville, you should automatically think country music. We tried to do as much touristy music things you could do while we were there. On Saturday night we got tickets to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry and to our surprise Brad Paisley was performing that night as well! We picked a good weekend, because it was the 91st birthday of the Grand Ole Opry so they definitely put on a good show. If you have ever heard of Prairie Home Companion on NPR, the program is very similar that they put on. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, stalked  tried to find Taylor Swift, and hit a few live music bars. Keep on scrolling to see what we did!

Grand Ole Opry







We came back the next morning to take a tour and I highly recommend doing it! I am not the biggest fan of country music, but to see a prestigious theater like that is really cool. It was neat to see at a showtime at night and during the day as well.


Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry


Standing on this stage was a very unique experience!

Casey and I are big fans of the TV show Nashville, so we got excited when we saw this part of the tour!


There are over a dozen dressing rooms uniquely decorated for when performers come to the Grand Ole Opry. This one specifically was used in the opening scene of the TV show Nashville.



Country Music Hall of Fame






Taylor Swift Exhibit


Taylor Swift is a big supporter of the Arts and Education, so it is no surprise that she has dedicated funds to create classrooms within the Country Music Hall of Fame for schools to use on field trips. img_2007

*squeals* img_2026img_2024I just want to say that I saw this dress from the other side of the room and immediately knew it was from the Love Story music video. I felt like such a dork!img_2021img_2027img_2030

I am just kinda sorta in love with Taylor Swift!img_2028

Live Music

One of my favorite parts about Nashville is the live music and it is not the music coming out of the Opry. All of the bars have live music every single night and there was no cover charge to get in. I am so used to paying a fee to get into a bar that plays live music, so it came as a surprise that the bands often don’t get paid, but they play for tips. We went to a handful of bars or restaurants while we were there and each place had an amazing live band. I could sit at a bar and listen to them for hours!


Honky Tonkimg_2251

Crazy Townimg_2281img_2277


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