End of Summer Bucket List

It is a hot and humid day outside at the Jersey Shore but I have zero complaints.
I am enjoying every minute of warm weather and dread when winter comes. I love the fall but the feet of snow and bitter cold is just too much for me. Everyone seems to be talking about how summer is almost over and as a local,our summer officially begins in September when all of the Bennies go home. We finally get warm water in the ocean and room on the beach to sit without someone annoying nearby.

There is plenty of summer to get what we want to do this summer checked off our to do list. Before summer officially ends here are some of my to dos!

From the Farm

I am very spoiled living in Jersey with all of the fresh produce easily accessible. Wegmans and Whole Foods has produce from down the road and we have so many pop up farmers markets in the area. You have not fully lived until you have had a Jersey tomato! There is only a few more weeks for some of the fruits and veggies until pumpkin season begins so I want to get to Asbury Fresh Farmers Market on Sunday as much as I can!


Bike Rides

Living at the beach meant getting a new cruiser bike as a present not a car. One of my favorite memories of my childhood is having a bike and being able to bike 5 miles in the morning along the boardwalk before most people were even awake. Going on a bike ride to an Asbury coffee shop is something I have not been able to do yet this summer but this is a must!


Eating Outside

My backyard is a little oasis with the pool and table we have out there. In the summer we try to eat as many meals as we can outside including our morning coffee on the weekends. This is something I miss most in the cold months and when we are looking for a house down south an outdoor eating area is a must have!


Read A Book

If you are looking for a good summer reading, I suggest Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It is a book full of adventure,.lessons, motivation and it gives everyone something to relate with. It’s an easy read and when you are done you can watch the movie! This summer I read Me Before You and it was as delightful as the movie!


Spend Time Outdoors

Right now my work schedule limits the time I can be outdoors and it is something I hope to change in the future. Now that summer is winding down (insert tears here) I hope to get outside and get a little tanner! All winter we stay indoors complaining about the cold so now is the time to actually make the effort to be outside as much as possible!



I understand that I live on the beach and it just takes a short walk and I am by the water. However, I have only been to the beach all summer like four times. I don’t know if it is because I forget it’s there, too busy with work, or don’t want to deal with the bennies, but I have not had enough fun in the sun yet this summer. I have no excuses to go to the beach and you shouldn’t either. Try to get to the beach just a few more times this summer!


Eat on the Waterfront

Okay, maybe this is what I miss most in the cold winter months. There are so many restaurants on the water near me and it is a completely different type of dining experience. Klein’s in Belmar is my new family favorite and we have gone there a handful of times so far this summer.


Do you really live near the Jersey Shore if you don’t eat fresh seafood at least once a week?? This summer I have been obsessed with lobster roll and each place I eat it is better than the previous place. This is the season for seafood- don’t miss it!



Watch a sunrise or sunset on the beach at least once this summer. I don’t think I have to sell this to you much. Just do it!

Sleep Outside

Even if it is taking a nap in your backyard or taking a snooze on the beach, it is something you have to do at least once every summer. I swear it’s better than an hour long meditation course!

Fresh Flowers

I have a rule in my house all summer that fresh flowers are a must in every room! I get flowers from the farmers market and my garden to bring some of the outside indoors!


Enjoy the rest of summer!!

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