San Antonio

If you are in Texas, make the effort (and drive) to San Antonio. It is known for the Alamo and it’s history. The Riverwalk is a group of rivers that go through a story below the downtown. You have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to part of the downtown area. I wish we had more time to explore this city!

A friend once described it as a shed LOL It is a very historic shed !

IMG_6115 (1)

Outfit: It was a chilly and rainy morning so I wore my J Crew button down shirt with white shorts.


There are a lot of cacti in Texas. Yes, I was dumb enough to poke a cactus to see if it really hurt if you touched it. After some investigation, yes it does hurt!  OUCH!

The famous Riverwalk


The food in Texas is DELICIOUS!

IMG_6106To be honest…. I just came here for the sweet tea!


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